More Informations

More information about the module can be found here.

The module uses FreeNAS / TrueNAS, a popular operating system for managing backups. Especially handy is that it uses ZFS as a file system and therefore brings a lot of advantages over ext4 and other file systems.
The module supports FreeNAS as well as TrueNAS.

It supports all popular types of access such as:

  • NFS
  • iSCSI
  • Samba
  • FTP
  • SSH

Creation and restores of snapshots are also possible.

Through the product page, the customer may at any time activate or deactivate a service (such as NFS) or create, delete or restore snapshots. The IP administration allows the customer to specify which IP addresses are allowed to connect to the backup server.
In the WHMCS Admin it can be determined which permissions the customer has and which services he is allowed to use. The number of snapshots can also be set or completely deactivated.

The user interface is full ajax powered. Not a single site reload is required to change settings, all functions works dynamically.

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