Please note that this system - like any other mail tracking system - cannot detect with 100% accuracy whether an email has been opened. If the recipient blocks external content, the module will not be able to detect wether the mail has been opened.


Mail Tracker For Blesta automatically adds an invisible tracking code to your mails so you can determine the read status of your mails. The module records when the customer read the mail for the first time, how many times he read it and when he read it last. The module page offers you a unique insight with detailed information, statistics and various filtering options. 

The module page is fully based on AJAX and all actions are performed without page reloads. This allows a very convenient evaluation of the statistics.


  • Easy setup. You only need to add one variable to your email templates.
  • AJAX based module page to analyse the statistics.
  • Read status can be shown on the "View Mail Log" profile page (optional).
  • IP logging can be disabled.
  • IP addresses can be pseudonymized.


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