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The module supports the use of Configurable Options to specify the resources during the ordering process. This allows your customers to book exactly the resources they need.

In the following list you will find the option names which you have to create to use this feature:

Option name


cpuAmount of CPUs

Amount of diskspace in GB

memoryAmount of memory in GB
additional_ipsAmount of additional IPv4 addresses

Please note that the amount of memory and storage space is defined in gigabytes, so it is easier for the customer to specify the amount if you use the quantity option.

Allowed Option Types

Every option supports all option types. The following table shows examples on how to set the values:

Option TypeScreenshot

Friendly Display Names

The use of Friendly Display Names is supported, as with all other Configurable Options of the module. On the screenshot on the right you can see how to use the Friendly Names.

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