Service Notific is ideally suited for products that do not have their own server module and require manual intervention. The Service Notifications module is similar to the Auto Release module of WHMCS, but offers further configuration options.

The biggest advantage is, that the admin tickets are not created via the customer account, as in the Auto Release module of WHMCS, but via a customer specified by you, which acts as a bot. 
This way the customer can not close the ticket created by WHMCS so that you overlook the message.

You can create individual notifications with your own text for each product. The following events are supported:

  • Service Creation
  • Service Suspension
  • Service Unsuspension
  • Service Termination

The events can be deactivated or activated per product and can the message of the tickets is freely editable. For example, you can add instructions for your staff on how to proceed to the ticket.

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