With this thoughtful module longer payment cycles and prepayments become more attractive for your clients because it adds automatically a defined period to the products next due date. The bonus is apparent during the ordering process and the bonus gets also confirmed by e-mail after receipt of payment.

The module has a lot of configuration options!

  • The module allows you to configure individually for which groups this bonus should be available.
  • It's not only possible to activate the bonus for certain product groups, you can even activate the bonus for specific WHMCS product IDs.
    You can also exclude individual WHMCS products IDs from the bonus - this is useful for licenses or already reduced offers.
  • In addition, you can exclude individual customers from the runtime extension. Its even possible to exclude a customers product from receiving bonus (useful for individual contracts).
  • The module also has the possibility that the bonus apply only to orders after a certain date and not for older orders.
    That is useful, if you dont want to give this bonus to existing orders, but only for new orders.

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