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If a motherboard mainboard is not supported by the proxy, using 1:1 NAT may help.


  • If a customer has multiple servers, he can only open one KVM session simultaneously
  • The customer can reach the IPMI webinterface even if access to IPMI is deactivated in the ACL group

How to activate 1:1 NAT (Module version 2.4.3 or higher)

The 1:1 NAT mode can be enabled or disabled for each ACL group individually:

  • Open the admin page of the module, click on "ACL Groups" at the navigation bar.
  • Click the "Proxy Settings" button on the affected ACL group.
  • Enable the "Enable 1:1 NAT" option and save the change.

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How to activate 1:1 NAT (Module version below 2.4.3)

The feature can be activated via the customconfig.php file, which is located at /modules/servers/dedicated/