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When you open the administration page of the module, you will see all active admin logins listed. For each admin you can make various settings, which are explained here.


The module can be activated or deactivated individually for each admin account. If you set the status to "Off", the module will not perform a check at login.


Here you can add an unlimited number of countries from which a login should be possible.

Block Logins

If you set the slider to "On", logins from other countries will be blocked. After login, a white page is simply displayed by default.
Using the custom error page feature, you can create your own page or redirect to the default login page so it looks like the login information is incorrect.

View Suspective Logins

The button "View Suspended Logins" allows you to see which logins have been classified as suspicious. You can also see why the login appears suspicious and whether the login was blocked or not.

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