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Feature List

  • Clients are able to auto-login and open a specific site by clicking a link in the mail
  • Easy to use: Just add &{$modautologin} at the end of the the link.
  • Auto Login Link does work for every WHMCS page. Login to custom sites or module pages are also possible.
  • Auto Login Link can expire after a given time in hours
  • Limit the amount of page views. If the limit is reached, client need to login using his login details. Unlimited page views are also possible.
  • Option to expire the Auto Login Link if client changes his password or mail address
  • Clients can Opt-Out from Auto Login Links
  • "Client must Opt-In"-Mode: Clients must Opt-In to use Auto Login Links.
  • No template changes are necessary
  • Multilanguage
  • No labels