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If you want to add code yourself, you can use our PHP class to communicate with FreeNAS. The following methods are publicly documented for users of the module:

share_createNfs$pidEnable NFS share
share_createFtp$pidEnable FTP account
share_createCifs$pidEnable SMB share
share_createIscsi$pidEnable iSCSI device
share_deleteNfs$pidDisable NFS share
share_deleteFtp$pidDisable FTP account
share_deleteCifs$pidDisable SMB share
share_deleteIscsi$pidDisable iSCSI device
snapshot_createSnapshots$pid, $commentCreate Snapshot
snapshot_listSnapshots$pidList Snapshots (returns array)
snapshot_deleteSnapshot$snapshot_idDelete Snapshot
snapshot_rollbackSnapshot$snapshot_idRollback Snapshot
ipcontrol_removeIp$pid, $service, $ipRemove IP from ACL. $service must be iscsi, nfs or cifs
ipcontrol_addIP$pid, $service, $ipAdd IP to ACL. $service must be iscsi, nfs or cifs

get, post, put, delete
Endpoint from FreeNAS API, e.g. sharing/cifs
Parameter to be passed to FreeNAS, e.g. "array ('refquota' => '100 G')"
Does appear in WHMCS module debug log

user_getAllDetails$pidReturn an object with all relevant user details, like volume name, full path, disk usage, enabled services, etc.

Code example for version 1.1.0 and higher:

require_once ('/path/to/modules/servers/freenas/autoload.php');

// If you have installed FreeNAS, do:
$freenas = new FreenasClient::getInstance ($pid); // replace $pid with

// If you have installed TrueNAS, do:
$truenas = new TruenasClient::getInstance ($pid); // replace $pid with

// FreeNAS:
// TrueNAS:
// Execute API call like:
// $freenas->share_createNfs ($pid);
// $freenas->makeRequest ('get', '/api/v1.0/storage/dataset/', '', __METHOD__);

Code example for versions below 1.1.0:

require_once ('/path/to/modules/servers/freenas/autoload.php');
$freenas = FreenasAPI::getInstance ($pid); // replace $pid with
// Execute API call like:
// $freenas->share_createNfs ($pid);
// $freenas->makeRequest ('get', '/api/v1.0/storage/dataset/', '', __METHOD__);
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