Install the module

The installation and configuration of the module should take no longer than 5 minutes. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Extract the module archive which you downloaded from the client area.
  2. Upload the module to your Blesta installation.
  3. Go to the Blesta Admin backend, click on SettingsMessengers → Available → Discord and activate the messenger.

Afterwards click on "Manage" and insert your license key and the webhook URL of Discord.

Create a Discord Webhook

To use the module, you need to create a new Incoming Webhook:

  • Open your Server Settings Webhook tab
  • Click the blurple button to create a new webhook
  • Enter a name for your Webhook and select the channel into which the Webhook post to.

Configure Blesta

In order for Blesta to send the messages via the new messenger, you need to select Discord at the "Messenger Configuration" page:

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