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The module offers various settings options. The module options are explained below.

Action Configuration

Actions are what happens when a multiple account is detected. The module is plugin-based and you can program your own actions.
More information about plugins can be found here: Developers: Create own actions

Create Client Note

This option allows a note to be created in the customer profile. The note contains the email address of the current and previous customer account.

Send WHMCS Notification

This option enabled the WHMCS Notification system, which enables you to send notifications via:

  • Email
  • HipChat
  • Slack

When you enable this option, you need to create a new notification rule at WHMCS. The notification identifier is dma.detected
Please see the email notification example on the right side. The same can be done for Slack and HipChat.

Create Admin Ticket

Using this option, you can let the module create a support ticket over the specificated client ID. 
You should create a new client and insert the ID of the newly created client.

Event Configuration

Event are trigger for checking the account. The module offers 2 options:

On Signup

On Signup means, that the module will run a multiple account check when a visitor creates a new account in your system. 
This is the default option.

On Login

Using this mode, the module will check on every login if the client has an other account too. 
Please note, that this option may cause a lot of action triggers. Also the module does not validate if it sent you already a notification about this pair of multiple accounts, since it does not store the results in the database.
This option should only be used if you currently face a high rate of fraud.

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