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At the "ACL Groups"-Page you can specificate which groups should be routed over the proxy. 

Route IPMI / KVM over Proxy

This setting will automatically route IPMI and KVM over the proxy. 
The module automatically checks whether the proxy has an IP from the private subnet in which the IPMI device is located. If not, no link to IPMI / KVM will be displayed in the client area. If IPMI / KVM is opened as Admin, a corresponding error message appears.

If a private IP of your proxy server is in the same subnet as the IPMI / KVM IP, the link is available at the client area and the client can - if he has the ACL permission for it - open the KVM viewer or visit IPMI over the proxy. 

Route public IPs over Proxy

You can also route public IPs over the proxy. In some cases, this makes sense. For example, if the access to ipmi / kvm is limited to certain IPs by a firewall. In this case, the proxy must be also allowed in the firewall.

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