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These settings enable the user to control the client's options related to hostname, operating systems, Legacy KVM links, and Traffic Graphics.

Client Area Template

You can switch between "Manager v1" and "Manager v2". The "Manager v2" template has been released in version 2.0.4.

Lock Hostname Field

Enable this option if you do not want clients to have the ability reinstall their server with a custom hostname. The hostname field in the reinstallation assistant will be locked.
This also prevents that the hostname at your NOC-PS installation get replaced.

Update Hostname Field on installation

Enable this option if the WHMCS hostname field should get updated when your client reinstall the server with a new hostname.

Update Server Password on Reinstallation

If enabled, the service password will get updated at the service details. Otherwise, the new password gets not recorded.

Show server password

Disable if server password should not be visible at client area.
Note: Clientarea template "Manager v2" must be used!

Ask for confirmation on power execution

If client clicks on a power button, ask client if he really want to execute the function.
Note: Clientarea template "Manager v2" must be used! The "Manager v1" template asks by default for confirmation.

Additional Blacklisted Operating Systems for VPS

Selected Operating Systems will not be available for installations for virtual servers (e.g. oVirt, VMware)

Blacklisted Operating Systems

Selected Operating Systems will not be available for installations via client area page.

System Recovery Operating Systems

Selected Operating Systems will not be listed at the reinstallation menu, they will be listed at the recovery boot menu.
Note: Clientarea Template v2 must be used! The "Manager v1" template lists the recovery systems at the reinstallation menu.

By default, the module will check the iKVM availability via javascript. Checking via PHP increases the client area page load time.
If IPMI does not supports remote KVM, the button on the client area will be removed. The button will be available for a short time during the availability check
If you have many servers which do not support remote KVM and you find it confusing that a button gets removed after the page is loaded, you may want to switch to the legacy link checker system. 
When you activate this function, the availability check will be done using PHP and it will increase the client area product page load time.

Traffic Graph Current Month Setting

By default, the "Current Month" Traffic graph shows the first day until the last day of the month. Enabling this option the graph will show the current payment period instead (e.g. 09.08.2017 to 08.09.2017).

Show Bandwidth Usage in GB instead of MB

WHMCS shows the bandwidth usage at the client area in MB. Activate if you want to convert MB automatically to GB if the value is equals or is greater than 1 GB.

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