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This category provides various settings for notifications and system automation. Use these notifications if you have deactivated automatic start and/or stopping of the server, or if you want to be provided with updates on automation events.


Set a Client ID which should be used for opening notification tickets. If you do not have a client which can be used for that, you need to create a new client. Only necessary if Ticket Notifications are enabled.

Notifications on Suspension

Creates an Admin Ticket when a server gets Suspended. 

Notifications on Terminate

Creates an Admin Ticket when a server gets Terminated.

Notifications on Unsuspend

Creates an Admin Ticket when a server gets Unsuspeded.

Notifications on Bandwidth Limit

Create an Admin Ticket when server reached the bandwidth limit.

Suspend & shutdown server on Bandwidth Limit

Automatically suspend and shutdown the server when reaching the bandwidth limit.

Send mail to client on Bandwidth Limit

Sends the selected mail template to the client when the server has reached the bandwidth limit.

Auto shutdown server on Termination / Suspension

Automatically shutdown the server when a server gets suspended or terminated. If you terminate a VPS, the VPS will also be deleted from the hostsystem. 

Auto Start Server

The module detects if the server has already been assigned to another customer. In this case, nothing is executed. A log entry get created in the module activity log and - if the ticket notifications are activated - a note get created in the admin ticket.

Automatically start the server when a suspended server gets unsuspended. 

Default ACL Group

When assigning an server to an product group (Tab: Server Management), the selected ACL Group will be used by default.
This is also the default ACL group for newly activated orders.

Start NOC-PS Profil on Terminate

On termination, the server will start the selected NOC-PS profile. This option can be used to wipe the disks of the server.
More information can be found here.

Pre-run NOC-PS Profile

This allows, for example, to delete the metadata on the hard disks and prevent conflicts during the operating system installation. If you enable this option, make sure that the recovery systems are correctly defined in the module settings. Otherwise, the pre-installer will also run on them.
Please read following page for detailed information: Pre-Run Profile before OS Installation

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