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Your clients can customize the name of the installed operating system at the client area. This feature can be used, if the client installed a own operating system via KVM.
The OS logo will be automatically replaced with the new logo using AJAX. 

OS Detection

The operating system name must not meet exact specifications. The module has a logic to detect the correct operating system in a OS name description.

E.g.: "Custom IPMI Centos Install" will be detected as CentOS installation - "centos 7 install" will be also detected as CentOS installation.

Change the default logos and add new logos

You can replace the default logos with your own logos by uploading the new logo into the directory /modules/servers/dedicated/icons/OS/overrides/
You can also add new operating systems, for which we have not added a logo yet. Just name the logo file in the same syntax as the existing files which can be found in the directory /modules/servers/dedicated/icons/OS/

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