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System Requirements

You need a seperate server with a fresh CentOS 7 installation. If you want to proxy private IPs, the server must be in the same network as the target devices. 

Operating SystemCentOS 7
CPU Cores11
Diskspace3 GB10 GB
Bandwidth100 Mbit1 Gbit
Virtualized environments are supported.
VMware and KVM has been tested

If your WHMCS installation runs behind proxy, you must pass the real ip to your backend (search for X-Real-IP or mod_remoteip).
Currently only IPv4 visitors are supported. 

Installation Process

The installation is fully automatic, when you open the "IPMI / KVM Proxy" page the first time, an installation dialog will be displayed.
If you have already a proxy installed, just click the "Deploy new proxy" button to install a new instance.

Enter the details and click on "Setup Server". if the ssh connection was successful, the installation is started:

This will take 10-20 minutes. After it completes, a success message will be displayed:

After you clicked on "Continue" the icon to add new ip addresses get highlighted. Click it and add a IP from your private subnet:

Then click "ACL Groups" at the navigation menu and open "Proxy Settings".


Enable the desired setting, click "Update".

Your proxy is now ready. Open a client product to test the functionality. 

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