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VPS and dedicated servers can be setted up automatically. This category offers various settings for the automatic provisioning of servers.

Default Operating System

If you do not let clients choose the operating system during server ordering, operating system selected here will be installed by default.

Add Additional User at following OS

Define any operating systems which must have a non-root system account. Default: debian,ubuntu,freebsd
You do not need to specify an exact distribution name such as "debian wheezy", the setting "debian" will match all debian based operating systems.
The values are not case sensitive.

Additional User Name

The username for the additional system account for operating systems which are defined in the previous setting "Add Additional User at following OS".

Globally Disable Automated Setup

Enabling this setting will globally disable automated setup for new orders. This setting overrides individual server settings at the "Server Management" tab and also overrides the auto setup setting at the WHMCS product configuration page.

Show matching server at order overview

Selecting this option causes the module to display all servers which match the order when viewing the "Manage Orders" page. This can be useful for testing.

Exclude servers that are currently running an installation

Activate this option if you don't want that WHMCS assign servers to new orders that are currently running a NOC-PS profile (i.e. an installation). This option is especially relevant if you also use the option "Start NOC-PS Profile on Terminate", as it ensures that the profile completes before WHMCS reassigns the server to a new order.

Exclude servers that are online

Enable this option to prevent a server that is turned on from being assigned to new orders. For example, if a server is used internally / temporary but is inadvertently assigned to a WHMCS product, the option prevents the server from being provisioned.

Keep NOC-PS Hostname

Enable this option to override the given hostname during ordering. If you want permanently keep the setted NOC-PS hostname, then also activate "Lock Hostname Field" at the Client Area Settings.

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