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The bandwidth limit is not correctly shown even though you have set the limit either in the product or via a configurable option.


Changes are applied with the daily execution of the WHMCS cronjob. For the change to be applied, you need to wait until the cronjob is executed.

If the limit is still not set or is wrong after the WHMCS cronjob execution, proceed as follows:

  1. Activate the WHMCS module debug log:
  2. Open the product where the problem occurs:
  3. Append the parameter "testUsageCollection=1" to the URL:
  4. Click on "Utilities" -> "Module Log" to open the module log. At the module log details are logged which shows, how the module came to the result.

If the output was not useful, please contact our support and do not forget to include the output of the module log.