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The module support the following WHMCS features:

The module is regularly maintained and extended with new functions: Changelog

Support for multi-year domain

Smartnic does not allow to registrate a domain for longer than 1 year. With this module, your customers can pay for serveral years in advance and the module will keep the domain active until the booked period expires. Subsequently, the module can deposit the automatic cancellation of the domain, if the domain does not get renewed.
Of course, this process is not visible to the customer. At WHMCS, the module deposits the correct expire date.

Automation at Cancellation Processing

Smartnic requires a cancellation in advanced (generally 5 days or 5 weeks). This module will place automatically a cancellation at smartnic if the domain has not been renewed in advance. This means, that you do not have to care about domain cancellations.
Furthermore the module will automatically revoke the cancellation if the customers pay for renewal.

Some TLDs like .DE require that if the customer has not given consent to the deletion, or if there is no cancellation request and an open invoice, the domain should be transferred to the transit.
In order to fulfill the legal requirements, the module puts such domains in transit.

Contact Management

Under circumstances you would like, that the hoster contact is deposited only in certain contacts. The module let you exactly choose on which contacts your details should be placed and at which contacts the client details should be placed. 

The following contacts are supported:

  • Admin C
  • Owner C
  • Tech C
  • Zone C
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