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Version 2.3.0
Released: 07.06.2021

FeatureAdded option to disable support PIN generation for client sub-contacts
ImprovementDesign fixes for mobile phones (client area)

Version 2.2.1
Released: 25.02.2021

FeatureAdded option to show PIN on client summary page


Version 2.2.0
Released: 04.02.2021

FeatureAdded template for Lagom (third-party WHMCS theme)
ImprovementSeveral improvements in the PHP code, so that the processing of the code is more efficient

Version 2.1.0
Released: 20.12.2020

BugfixAdmin interface: Under certain conditions the date was not displayed correctly
FeatureAdded WHMCS 8.1 and Bootstrap 4 compatibility
FeatureAdmin interface: PINs can now be deleted via checkboxes
FeatureModule option: Added option to specify how long expired PINs should be stored in the database
FeatureModule option: Added option to instantly remove expired PINs from the database

Version 2.0.1
Released: 03.12.2020

BugfixAdmin interface: Admin overview table did not load if no PINs was generated
FeatureAdmin interface: Dates in the overview table are now formatted according to the WHMCS system date format


Version 2.0.0
Released: 02.02.2020

FeatureNew AJAX powered admin interface
FeatureIf a new module version is available, an information is now displayed at the module admin page
FeatureAdded new AJAX powered sidebar template ("modern")

Version 1.6.1
Released: 20.06.2019

InfoNo template changes
FeatureAdd support for WHMCS 7.8
FeatureSidebar order priority is now configurable

Version 1.6
Released: 13.01.2019

InfoNo template changes
FeatureNew option added to the module configuration to set the display order of the sidebar widget
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