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After the installation, a sidebar widget can be configurated, via which the customer can see the current support PIN or create a new one.
At the module configuration it is possible to define exactly on which sites the widget should be visible.

Default values are: "addcontact,changepw,contacts,creditcard,details,emails,security,services,,"

Modification of the Sidebar Widget Design

It is possible that you make adjustments of the sidebar. This can be useful if you have a custom WHMCS design. 
To edit the output of the sidebar, open the file /modules/addons/supportpin/clientareaSidebarTemplate/<file>.php.

You can also create your own template by creating a new .php file in the "clientareaSidebarTemplate" directory. As the files in this directory are not encrypted, you can copy and adjust them to your needs.
After saving, the newly created template will be available for selection in the module configuration.

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