Shortcuts types

On the administration page of the module you can create 2 different types of shortcuts:

  • Ticket Variables
  • Text Replacements

Ticket Variables

Ticket variables are suitable as a replacement for the predefined replies of WHMCS. Predefined replies from WHMCS quickly become cluttered when you have a few of them, especially when they are divided into categories. With the ticket variables you can create shortcuts in the form of tags ("{{keyword}}"), which are automatically replaced with the intended text while writing the ticket response.

Text Replacements

There are only a few use cases for text replacements. Text replacements are useful if, for example, you offer a hosting panel like cPanel to your clients and you have also made it accessible via the default HTTPS port so that clients with restrictive firewalls can access it. Your team may still log in through the dedicated hosting panel port, which results in a non-uniform format when copying and pasting the URL. With text replacements you can automatically remove / replace certain parts of the word (or whole words).

Create a new shortcut

Open the module page and select the desired type in the navigation bar. Then click the "Add" button. A modal will open asking for three fields:

Short description

The description helps your team to recognize what the shortcut is for. It will appear as a tooltip when you hover the mouse over the title and in the suggestions when you write a reply.

Enter shortcut keyword / Enter replacement word

This is the word (or text block) that will be replaced with the value of the next field.

Enter text

Here you enter what the shortcut or replacement word will be replaced with.

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