More than 1 free domain with a webhosting product is very common, specially in europe.

With this module you can offer your customers several free domains per product. With the ACL groups you can determine exactly which domain functions the customer has access to.

The amount of free domains can be set per product and differently per payment cycle to make prepayments more attractive. In addition, the amount of free domains and the allowed domain extensions can be setted for every client product individually.
This way you can also provide free domains to individual products which normally does not have a free domain included.

The activated domains can be automatically added by the system into hosting account as addon domain (cpanel supported, plesk support coming).
The module is a drop-in addon which requires no modification of the WHMCS core settings.

It does also solve the renewal problem of free domains. WHMCS requires that the free domain has the same expire date as the client product. But this is often not possible if the domain has been transferred to you.
The module does not care about the expire date and will always ensure, that the domain renewal is handled correctly.

Existing free domains can be imported by the module.

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