Open the Module admin page to admister. Click on AddonsMultiple Free Domains.

Menu: Home

The Home page gives you an overview of all activated free domains. On that page you can also adjust the ACL group or remove a free domain.
If you remove a free domain, the recurring price will be automatically adjusted to your current domain renewal price.

On the page "Manually Establish Link" you can manually convert an existing domain to a free domain. Enter the related domain ID and client product ID to establish a relationship.

Menu: Custom Limits

On the page "Custom Limits" you can apply custom limits to individual client products. You can set the amount of free domains and also which TLDs you want to allow to registrate / transfer.
The client product must not have a regular free domain. You can also provide free domains for products which has normally no free domain.
Furthermore you can also set the amount of free domains to 0 for individual client products which normally have free domains included.
That feature can be useful for individual packages or to make your quote offer more attractive - e.g. a VPS offer with 1 free domain.

Menu: Product Settings

On the page "Product Settings" you can choose how many free domains you want to give per product and per billing cycle.
It is possible that you give your clients a different amount of free domains per billing cycle to make longer payment cycles more attractive.

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