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Module Configuration

The module offers 2 different display modes for editing the descriptions:

  • Inline
  • Popover

The difference between these modes is how the client can set the description:

Popover ModeInline Mode

Inline Edit

Show descriptions at admin ticket page

This option allows you to specify whether the customer's descriptions appear in the product list within a support ticket.
This allows your staff to quickly associate a service when a customer just gives their product description.

If you enable this option, your staff will not only be able to see the descriptions, but will also be able to change or set them, if no description has yet been set:

Allow descriptions for domains

This option allows that clients can also set descriptions for domains.

Show description above product name

This option allows to display the description above the product name instead of below it:

Description on invoices

Information regarding these options is available on a separate page.

Template Modifications

The module automatically inserts the descriptions into your page. However, it is possible that you change the appearance of the module.
In the file /modules/addons/clientproductdescriptions/output.custom.php you can adjust the HTML code of the description text. 

For example, you can make the following changes:

  • Remove the new line
  • Put the description in a bootstrap label or change the look of the description in other ways
  • Change colors, unbold text

This file does not exist by default. Copy the file output.php and name the copy output.custom.php. This ensures that module updates will not overwrite your changes.

The same procedure applies to editing the layout for the administrator ticket view. The only difference is that the file is called "output_admin.php" and should be saved under the file name "output_admin.custom.php".

Direct editing of the output.php file is not recommended because your changes will be overwritten during an update.

Language Modifications

Directly editing the language files is not recommended. These files may be overwritten during module updates, resulting in a loss of any edits you had made.
Instead, it is recommended to use overrides. Overrides allow you to customise the default variables with your own values such that they will be preserved through the update process.

To create an override, copy the language file into the directory /modules/addons/clientproductdescriptions/lang/override and edit the text you want to change. This file will be not overwritten on a module update.

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