With this module the WHMCS Admin Login can be further secured. Via an interface you can select from which countries the administrative login is allowed for each user account. Furthermore it can be optionally defined, that the login is blocked if the login is from an unknown country.
A definable whitelist and blacklist of IP addresses helps to meet specific application purposes.

With a special button in the module the WHMCS administrator can see which logins were suspicious. In case of a suspicious login it will not only be recorded and, if configurated, blocked, but also notifications can be sent via the WHMCS Notification System.


  • Set allowed countries per admin account
  • Enable or disable module for each admin account individually
  • Configurable IP blacklist and whitelist
  • Optional ability to block logins if country does not match
  • Notifications via the WHMCS Notification System in case of a country missmatch
  • Ability for a custom error page when country does not match 
  • Ability to add an own IP lookup provider

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