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The module has an integration into the WHMCS Notification System, which can be found under "Setup" → "Notifications".
If the module detects a suspicious login, notifications can be sent.

To setup a new notification rule, please proceed as follow:

  1. Open "Setup" → "Notifications" 
  2. Click on "Create New Notification Rule"
  3. Enter a rule name and at "Event", click on "API""Custom API Trigger"
  4. The trigger identifier must be named "aln.detected"
  5. Select over which service you want to send the notification and click on "Save Changes"

After you complete these steps, the notifications are ready for use.

It is recommended to test the notification by logging in with an invalid country.
To do so, either remove the country you are located from the list in the module configuration, or log in to WHMCS using TOR, for example.

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