This module is designed to be compatible with most third-party templates. However, it relies on the default WHMCS hooks for its functionality. If the template you're using doesn't support these hooks (like the Lagom One Step Order Form), then the module won't operate correctly.


This module for WHMCS allows to create dependencies between the configurable options of WHMCS. With the rule builder, dependencies can also be defined among each other, so that very complex rules can be created.
The module is built in such a way that no template changes are necessary in the clientarea. 


  • Hide or disable configurable options.
  • Create rules with multiple dependencies and dependency groups that must satisfy an AND / OR condition.
  • The rules can be divided into several groups so that various rules can be created for the same products or rules.
  • No template changes necessary.

Example use cases:

  • The server has a selectable number of hard disks. If the customer selects less than 4 disks, only RAID 0 / 1 should be selectable, but not RAID 10.
  • You offer managed hosting as an option, but only in conjunction with Debian as the operating system. 
  • You are offering cPanel licenses with your server offers, which is only compatible with CentOS. With this module, you can create a dependency rule which specifies that if the customer selects cPanel, all other operating systems are automatically removed from the selection and the operating system is set to CentOS.

Thanks to the completely user-selectable option logic, the possibilities are practically endless.

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Hide option:

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