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Action handling

This option defines which configurable options are affected by the condition and what should happen to them. It is possible to hide the affected options or make them unclickable.
If the options are made unclickable, the unclickability is also shown graphically at the product configuration page, since the corresponding options are deactivated via a CSS class.

If the option, which according to the logic should be disabled, is currently selected by the user, the module will automatically select the first possible entry, provided that the configurable option mandatorily requires a value. 
A demo video is available on the end of the page.

Removing all options of a single configurable options group

Note that, except for the Yes/No type, each configurable option type requires a value. So it is technically not possible to remove all values, because WHMCS expects a selection. If you don't want that, we recommend adding a new configurable option selection with the value "None" or similar.

Validation of logic

It is also important to understand that the module does not check if the logic you created is in conflict with another logic you created. For example, if logic A removes values that are added by logic B, and both logics mets the same conditions, this will cause a conflict. Because of the effort involved in such a check, we require (at least for the moment) that the rules be added thoughtfully by the WHMCS administrator.

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