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The domain reminder module is a drop-in replacement for the standard whmcs reminder system. It works by default without any adjustments to the mail templates.

The module allows meaningful domain expiry reminder mails and allows the use of many additional variables to create personalized emails. The number of reminders can be set using the module admin page. For each reminder you can choose your own mail template and subject.

The mail subject can be totally personalized at the module admin page. By using the module's subject builder awesome subjects can be created. You can list the amount of expiring domains, the domain names (either all, or only partially) and the remaining days at the subject . Furthermore, there are other variables available to create great, meaningful mail subjects and mail textes.

  • Expiring Domains can be grouped into a single mail. Means, the client does not receive anymore a seperate reminder for each domain.
  • Subjects can be totally customized with variables at the module admin page. You can create subjects like:
    • Your domain (and 2 others) expires tomorrow
    • Important: 3 of 5 domains expires in 10 days!
    • Your domain, (and 3 others) expires!
    • More Mail Examples
  • All default WHMCS variables are available. In addition, the module adds some very useful variables for the mail body. You get the invoice id (if an invoice exists), renewal link, which reminder it is (first, second, etc.), amount of domains owned by client - list of all variables.
  • The module does send the reminders calculated from the expiry date instead of the next-due date. So you do not need to make any changes if you decide to change the "Sync Next Due Date" configuration at WHMCS.
  • Multi Language Support
  • Hook System


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