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The module is a drop-in replacement for the default WHMCS reminder system. Thereforce you can use all default WHMCS mail variables.

Mail Template

Every reminder can use his own mail template. If you are using one template for all reminders, you can differ between the types using the {$reminder_type} variable (example can be found here).

Subject Variables

The subject can be totally customized at the module admin page.

%domain%Name of single domain
%total_expire_amount%Amount of expiring domains
%total_domain_amount%Amount of all active domains

If multiple domains expires, the defined amount between the tags will be listed at the subject.

<ifmore>... %remaining_count% ...</ifmore>With the "ifmore" tag you can show a numeric value of the not listed domains
%days_until_expiry%Amount of days until expiry
%days_until_nextdue%Amount of days until next due
%days_after_expiry%Amount of days after expiry, if the domain is expired
%registrar%Will output your domain registrar
%expiry_date%Formatted domain expiry date
%next_due_date%Formatted next due date
%reg_period%Registration period in years

Body Variables

In addition to the default variables the following variables are available for the mail body text:

{$all_domain_count}Amount of all active domains of the client
{$all_invoice_links}Array of invoice links for all domains related to the mail. If no invoice exists, the variable is empty
{$domain_list}Array of all domains related to the mail
{$renew_link}Link to "clientarea.php?action=domains#tabRenew"
{$invoice_link}Invoice link to each domain.
{$invoice_id}Invoice ID for each domain.
{$domain_count}Amount of expiring domains.

Number of the reminder type. "1" for first reminder, "2" for second reminder, and so on

{$Multi}"Yes" if the reminder contains multiple domains. Can be used for singular / plural expression

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