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Here you can find serveral examples about the usage.

Mail Subject

The mail subject can be individually defined per reminder. So you can define for the last reminder a subject like "Your domain expires tomorrow" and for the first reminder "Your domain expires in ... days".

A list of all variables is available on this page.

1 DomainYour domain %domain% expires in %days_until_expiry% daysYour domain expires in 5 days
2 DomainsYour domain <listdomains>1</listdomains> expiresYour domain expires
2 DomainsYour domain <listdomains>10</listdomains> expiresYour domain, expires
5 DomainsYour domain <listdomains>2</listdomains><ifmore> and %remaining_count% more</ifmore> expiresYour domain, and 3 more expires
3 Domains%total_expire_amount% of your %total_domain_amount% domains expires in few days (<listdomains>1</listdomains><ifmore> and %remaining_count% more</ifmore>)!3 of your 5 domains expires in few days ( and 2 more)
2 DomainsYour domains expire on %expiry_date%

Your domains expire on  

3 Domains%total_expire_amount% domains expire on %expiry_date%

3 domains expire on  

Mail Body

You should always loop through the $expiring_domains array. Even if only a single domain expires.
This makes your template compatible to the domain grouping feature. 

Full example

Dear {$client_name},

This is a reminder that the {if $Multi}domains{else}domain{/if} listed below is scheduled to expire soon.

Domain Name - Expiry Date - Description
{foreach from=$expiring_domains item=domain}
{$} - {$domain.nextduedate} - Expires in ({$domain.domain_days_until_expiry} Days) - {if $invoice_link} <a href="{$invoice_link}">Pay Invoice {$invoice_id}</a> {else} {$renew_link} {/if}

Please be aware that if your domain name expires, any web site or email services associated with it will stop working.

Renew it now to avoid interruption in service.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email. Thank you for using our domain name services.


List Domains

{foreach from=$expiring_domains item=domain}
{$} - {$domain.nextduedate} ({$domain.domain_days_until_expiry} Days) {if $invoice_link} <a href="{$invoice_link}">Pay Invoice {$invoice_id}</a> {else} {$renew_link} {/if}

List all invoices:

{if $all_invoice_links}
Please click the following link to pay the renewal:
{foreach from=$all_invoice_links item=invoice_link}

Handle singular / pluar

Your {if $Multi}domains{else}domain{/if} expire ...

Different text by reminder type

If you have multiple reminders, it can be awkward to define everything in one mail. The module can therefore use a separate mail template for each reminder.
The mail template can be selected in the module configuration.

But if you want to use only one mail template, and you still want to write different texts per reminder, you can use the "$reminder_type" variable.

{if $reminder_type eq 1}
This is your first reminder about ...

{if $reminder_type eq 5}
This is your last reminder
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