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The module can record the bandwidth usage of the servers and automatically perform various actions as soon as the customer has reached the set limit. More information about bandwidth usage setup can be found here.

Currently the following automatic actions are supported when a server reaches the limit:

The actions can be activated or deactivated in the system configuration.
Bandwidth usage is updated once a day via the daily WHMCS cronjob.

Handling when reaching the bandwidth limit

If a server has reached the bandwidth limit, but you would like to unsuspend it, we recommend assigning the customer a different bandwidth package through a configurable option
After the new bandwidth limit has been assigned, the limit will be set the next day when the daily WHMCS cron job is running.

Important: If you do not assign a bandwidth package to the server (or if you do not raise the general limit for the product) the selected module options will be run at the next day again if the product is active.
If you do not want to assign a traffic package, you can use the option "Override Auto-Suspend" in the product management to prevent further automatic actions.

Suspension Reason

If you have activated the automatic suspension, the suspension reason from the language file will be used.
You can customize the suspension reason, the used language key is named $_LANG ['dedic_bandwidthlimit_suspendreason']. Please follow this guide to adjust the language files.

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