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Several hooks exist to execute your own PHP code when specific events occur. The following hooks are currently available:

  • After BMC Reset
  • After Service Creation (e.g. to automate your switch configuration)
  • After Execute Power Control
  • After Open KVM Console
  • After Create Account
  • After Suspend Server
  • After Terminate Server
  • After Unsuspend Server
  • After ISO Boot
  • Before Create Account
  • Pre Reinstall Server
  • Pre Open Client Area Page
  • After Open IPMI Page
  • Bandwidth Overusage

The default WHMCS $params variable get passed to these hooks. The $params variable contains all relevant informations about the client service.
You can use the logActivity function to see what $params contains exactly.

A new entry is added to the "Module Activity Log" when a hook is executed successfully. Logging can be disabled at the module settings page.

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