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Import Operating Systems

Click this link if you have added a new profile at NOC-PS. The new profile will be automatically added to the NOC-PS Operating System Configurable Option Group. 
If no Configurable Option Groups exist, a new group will be created with all Operating Systems from NOC-PS. Blacklisted Operating Systems will be skipped. 
If you use this link to update your Configurable Option Group, it will not remove any custom added operating system.

Validate NOC-PS SSL Certificate

Enable if a valid SSL Certificate exists in your NOC-PS Installation.

Show hidden products at "Server Management" Tab

Enable this option if you want to see hidden or disabled products at the "Server Management" tab. 
This allows you to add servers to products which are currently not visible to the clients.

Hide Power Status from "Server Management" Tab

In the case where you have a large number of servers, the number of HTTP requests can be lowered by disabling the power status output.

Stock Monitor: Don't count auto-setup disabled servers

If this option is enabled, servers for which automatic setup is disabled are not counted as part of the available stock.

Stock Monitor: Hide products when out of stock

Information on this setting can be found here

Stock Monitor: Unhide products when out of stock

Information on this setting can be found here

Show Port & Switch IP at admin product page

Shows the switch IP and the interface on the admin client product page in the header of the traffic graphs.

You can choose between:

  • Do not show
  • Show Port and Switch IP
  • Show Port and Switch Name

Hide subnets from IP Manager

Selected subnets will be hidden at the IP Manager page and also be excluded from auto provisioning. This can be used to exclude private IP networks from the IP manager page.

Interval for power status refresh at admin product page

The module checks the current power status via AJAX. This option specifies how often the power status on the admin product page should be updated.
Default: 3000 (milliseconds)

Do not log Hook Executions

Activate this if the execution of your self-written hooks should not be logged into the module activity log.

Delete installation logs after X days

When a client reinstalls the operating system, the installation process is saved into the database. This option allows you to automatically remove the logs after the specified time.
Leave empty to disable. Default value: 30

Delete activity logs after X days

In the activity log all actions of the module are recorded. The log can become relatively large, this function can be used to remove old entries automatically.
Leave empty to disable. Default value: Empty

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