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Product Configuration

Open the WHMCS product page and go to Module Settings. Select VPS at Server Type and configure the ressources.

The "Override ACL Group" option let you override the default ACL group which has been setted at the module configuration. This feature can be used, for example, to sell managed VPS with limited permissions.

Besides the configuration via the Module Settings the module offers the possibility for the customer to choose the resources himself during the order and the possibility to override the host system via a PHP function. On the following pages you will find further information:

IP Pool Assignment

In order to know which hostsystem may use which IP range, you must specify the IP range. The IP assignments also allows you to manage VPS hostsystems in different locations, since it always determines which IP ranges are available for which hostsystem.

To perform an IP assignment, follow these steps:
  • Open the module page and click on "IP Manager"
  • Click the button "Configure Pool"
  • Assign your hostsystems to the IP ranges.

Details to consider:

  • Changes in the assignment are immediately saved in the background
  • Do not forget to reserve the Broadcast IP and the Gateway IP in the IP Manager
  • IPv6 assignments are also possible, see the following page for details: IPv6 Support

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