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Version 2.5.2

Released: 07.03.2022

BugfixUnder certain circumstances, the network graphs were not displayed in the clientarea if the customconfig.php file existed.
BugfixIn rare cases, the owner of the server was incorrectly detected, which may resulted in incorrect automatic provisioning.



Version 2.5.1

Released: 28.01.2022

BugfixCustomers can again delete the RDNS entries by entering an empty value. 



Version 2.5.0

Released: 03.12.2021

InfoThis release contains template changes. If you use a template override, be sure to update your template.
FeatureAdded option to stock control to exclude servers which are marked as "Disabled" for automated provisioning.
FeatureFor developers: Added bandwidth graph override function.
FeatureAdded option to customconfig.php to hide bandwidth graphs at the WHMCS admin client service page.
BugfixUnder certain circumstances, automatic provisioning of multiple servers in one order did not work correctly.
ImprovementThis version contains several minor code-side optimizations which result in a faster TTFB especially for slow or unoptimized database servers.



New documentation pages:

Updated documentation pages:



Version 2.4.4

Released: 27.08.2021

ImprovementBetter handling when an IPMI proxy is unreachable.
ImprovementImproved support for HP iLO and Supermicro KVM sessions via IPMI proxy.



Version 2.4.3

Released: 13.08.2021

FeatureUntil now, the 1:1 NAT proxy mode could only be activated globally. The 1:1 NAT mode can now be enabled individually per ACL group. If you are currently using 1:1 NAT, the module will automatically enable the mode for all groups. After updating the module you can remove the variable "$proxy_direct_traffic" from the customconfig.php file.
FeatureFor Developers: Implementation of Custom Output Data function.
ImprovementIf you use NOC-PS in conjunction with a reverse proxy due to the TLS issue and also have the KVM proxy in use, it may was not be possible to open KVM sessions. The module now rewrites the internal domain of NOC-PS so that the KVM session can be queried correctly even if a reverse proxy is used.
BugfixAfter deleting the primary IPMI & KVM proxy, another proxy was not automatically marked as the primary proxy. Now the module automatically selects the next available proxy as primary.



New documentation pages:

Updated documentation pages:



Version 2.4.2

Released: 15.07.2021

FeatureServer Management page: Added compact mode. The compact mode reduces the size of the page by hiding configurable options. The compact mode can be enabled/disabled directly from the server management page, or in the module settings.
FeatureA version check for the IPMI proxies has been added. If an updated version is available, a notice will be shown in the overview page of the proxies and in the proxy detail page.
Bugfix (RDNS Plugin)On recent PowerDNS versions, the MySQL table change_date does not exist anymore. Adjustments have been made so that this field is also no longer required by the PowerDNS RDNS plugin.
Bugfix (RDNS Plugin)Prevent multiple jQuery event bindings when creating new PowerDNS zones.
Bugfix (RDNS Plugin)If the server was assigned in a subnet smaller than /24 according to NOC-PS, the RDNS entry could not be set in the WHMCS client area.

IPMI Proxy Update

To update your IPMI proxy, just press the "Redeploy" button at the module admin page.
The configuration of the private IPs is retained. If manual changes have been made to the proxy (which should not be the case in general), they may be overwritten.

SoftwareUpdated to latest nginx release.
FeatureSupport for websocket HTML5 KVM consoles.
ImprovementImproved support for Dell iDRAC.



New documentation pages:



Version 2.4.1

Released: 07.06.2021

BugfixSince WHMCS v8, WHMCS logs all PHP warnings into the database. The module generated several PHP warnings when opening the module admin page (depending on the number of configurable options relatively many, because the warning was generated in a foreach loop). The problem was fixed.
ImprovementThis release includes several optimizations in the code to increase the performance of the module.



Version 2.4.0

Released: 26.02.2021

This release was preceded by several betas and release candiates. Only changes since the last release canditate are mentioned.
To gain insight into all changes, please read the previous changelogs, starting with version 2.4.0-b1.

InfoThe changelog only contains changes since version 2.4.0-rc1.
BugfixIn the Module Debug Log of WHMCS v8 the API Responses were not logged. This problem only occurred from WHMCS v8 onwards.
BugfixIf the "NOC-PS Server Description" was changed via the WHMCS admin client service page, the spinner behaved incorrectly. This problem also only affected WHMCS v8 and higher.



Version 2.4.0-rc1 (RELEASE CANDIDATE)

Released: 18.01.2021

This release is a release candidate. This means, the module should be tested in a developer environment and not in production. If you should test the module in production and find fatal bugs, you can simply delete the module and upload the last stable version. No settings will be lost. 

InfoThis release contains template changes.
InfoRestored WHMCS v6 compatibility.
FeatureReinstallation of operating system and rescue boot is now possible via WHMCS admin client service page.
FeaturePlugin: Reseller API (paid plugin). You can find information about the plugin on the module page.
ImprovementAdmin client service page: Load power status by AJAX to reduce TTFB.
BugfixHTML input pattern validation did not work for the root password.



Version 2.4.0-b3 (BETA)

Released: 07.01.2021

This release is a beta release. This means, the module should be tested in a developer environment and not in production. If you should test the module in production and find fatal bugs, you can simply delete the module and upload the last stable version. No settings will be lost. 

InfoThis release contains template changes.

This release contains language changes.

FeatureAdded support for WHMCS v8.1 + Bootstrap 4. "Manager v3" theme must be used when using Bootstrap 4. "Manager v3" is now also the new default theme on new installations.
FeatureFor Reseller API clients: RDNS management via reseller API is now available.
FeatureFor developers: Get NOC-PS API instance via Previously, only was supported.
ImprovementStricter validation of RDNS entries.
ImprovementSeveral improvements on the admin RDNS management page.
ImprovementAPI requests / responses are now logged into the WHMCS module log (if logging is enabled).
ImprovementThe exception stack trace was sometimes included in the error log. Now, only the clear error message is logged.
BugfixModule admin page "Server Management": If there was an apostrophe in the name of a configurable option, there was a javascript error causing display problems.
BugfixStock Monitor: Fixed incorrect behavior when the NOC-PS API was unreachable (amount of stock was wrong).



Version 2.4.0-b2 (BETA)

Released: 18.10.2020

This release is a beta release. This means, the module should be tested in a developer environment and not in production. If you should test the module in production and find fatal bugs, you can simply delete the module and upload the last stable version. No settings will be lost.

InfoThis release contains template changes.

This release contains language changes.

FeatureRelease of the v3 client area template. Due to the usage of Font Awesome 5, WHMCS v7.6 or higher is required.
Featurev3 client area template supports officially the Lagom WHMCS template.
ImprovementThe Activity Log page was graphically revised.
ImprovementRDNS changes are now logged.
BugfixClient area: If the customer changed the name of the operating system, the new OS logo was not dynamically loaded.



Version 2.4.0-b1 (BETA)

Released: 07.10.2020

For several months we have been collecting feedback from customers via a feedback form. We would like to thank everyone who participated. This has given us an excellent insight into what our customers want and where we need to make improvements.

Important to know

Even if there have been major code changes, the module still works with the same functional scope as before. There are no breaking changes.

New plugin system

In this release a plugin system was integrated and parts of the code were reorganized and rewritten. The plugin system allows us to deliver new features faster and gives us a certain flexibility. Even though the changelog doesn't look big, a lot has changed code-wise. Due to the complexity of the changes, we will first release a beta version. There will be several more changes until the stable version is released and we would be happy if you participate in the beta test and report any bugs.

Extensibility of the module

The independent expandability of the module was always important to us. For a long time now, the module supports different possibilities to intervene in the code technically via hooks and via various PHP functions. With the new plugin system the possibilities are extended even more, since it is possible that users of the module can integrate plugins themselves.

The documentation for creating your own plugins will be published at a later date.

First Plugin: Reverse DNS Management

In our survey the possibility to manage reverse DNS records was one of the most requested features. This has been integrated in this release, via the mentioned plugin system. 

Roadmap until the release of the stable version

We will release another beta soon, which includes more template changes. The template of the client area will be reworked to better integrate the reverse dns management and also the module admin page will be improved.

After the 2nd beta has been released, a release canditate will be released after sufficient tests. It is planned to release the stable version within the next 60 days. We want to take enough time to ensure that a flawless stable version is released.

The creation of more detailed documentation regarding the new functions is being worked on. These will be published when the stable version is released.

This release is a beta release. This means, the module should be tested in a developer environment and not in production. If you should test the module in production and find fatal bugs, you can simply delete the module and upload the last stable version. No settings will be lost.

InfoThis release contains template changes.

This release contains language changes.

FeatureImplementation of a plugin system (see above for information)
PluginRelease of reverse DNS management plugin (only IPv4 at the moment)
ImprovementThe ACL group page was graphically revised.
ImprovementTo minimize the amount of text, IP Manager and Server manager will no longer show the company name of the customer but only firstname and lastname.
BugfixOn the server management page, clicking on "ACL Group: <name>" displayed an empty popover. This has been fixed, now the permissions of the respective ACL are displayed again.



New documentation pages:



Version 2.3.2

Released: 30.09.2020

ImprovementPossibility to test bandwidth accounting and improved logging.

Workaround for WHMCS bug CORE-15299. WHMCS doesn't delete old configurable option group assignments from the database. This workaround validates that the module queries the correct configurable option. The bug can cause the module to detect an incorrect bandwidth limit if you use a bandwidth configurable option group and you replace the option group later with a newly created configurable option group.

BugfixThe module automatically detects when you move a dedicated server between 2 NOC-PS servers. This is recorded as "Instance Movement" in the module log. Due to an error, this did not always work, so the automatic provisioning of servers might failed when using multiple NOC-PS servers.



Version 2.3.1

Released: 25.08.2020


This version fixes an issue where under certain circumstances on the "Server Management" page a wrong server owner was shown.



Version 2.3.0

Released: 01.08.2020


No template changes


Support for multiple IPMI/KVM Proxies

FeatureVPS: Set amount of CPU, RAM, Diskspace and IP-addresses via configurable option
FeatureBandwidth data collection function for developers
ImprovementAdded update resistant way to customize power status detection strings
BugfixUnder certain circumstances the loading time of the IP Manager was slow. This has been fixed.


Version 2.2.0

Released: 12.06.2020


This release contains language changes


No template changes

ImprovementThis release brings a number of small improvements to the code. Under the hood, serveral changes have been made which may lead to a much better performance
FeatureStock Monitor: A system to automatically update the quantify of available servers
FeatureSettings: Added option to automatically clear old activity log entries
FeatureAdded option to override API call timeouts
BugfixUnder certain circumstances servers located in another NOC-PS instance were not recognized by the automatic provisioning



Version 2.1.0

Released: 13.12.2019


This release contains template and language changes

InfoFrom now on, changes in the documentation will be noted in the right column next to the changelog
FeatureIPMI Proxy: Ability for 1:1 NAT

It is now possible to run a pre-profile before installing the operating system. This allows, for example, to delete the metadata on the hard disks and prevent conflicts during the operating system installation. If you enable this option, make sure that the recovery systems are correctly defined in the module settings.  Otherwise, the pre-installer will also be executed on recovery boots.
FeatureOption to disable the KVM availibility checks on the client area page
FeatureOption to disable automatic provisioning of server if the server is currently online
FeatureOption to disable automatic provisioning of server if the server is currently being installed via NOC-PS.
This prevents servers that have just been terminated from being delivered before the NOC-PS wipe profile is completed.
FeatureA new option is available in the module settings, which allows old installation logs to be automatically deleted from the database after a certain number of days
ImprovementDue to the SSL-Checker of WHMCS the AJAX requests were slow under circumstances. The AJAX requests are now sent to another address so that the SSL Checker is not executed. This only affects the client area.
ImprovementSome special characters are not processed by NOC-PS. The clientarea template was extended by an HTML5 input pattern. If the customer enters invalid characters during a new installation, a corresponding message appears now.
ImprovementIf an error occurs when opening KVM, the error is now better logged in the module log
ImprovementIt is now ensured that the boxes on the "Server Management" page are the same size. Before, it could happen that there is too much vertical space between the boxes
BugfixIf a setting was changed in the module settings, the change was only visible the next time the page was reloaded. This caching bug has been fixed.


Released: 16.09.2019


No template changes

FeatureAbility to programmatically set the bootloader
FeatureIt is now possible to modify the language file of the Admin interface or to add additional languages for the admin backend
ImprovementAccept capital letters when adding IPv6 subnets in the IP Manager
ImprovementThe rendering of the select boxes on the "Server Management" page should now work a bit faster
BugfixDo not route VNC console of virtual servers over IPMI proxy
BugfixUnder certain circumstances, the module could not recognize the correct language of the client and used the English language file as fallback

IPMI Proxy Update

To update your IPMI proxy, just press the "Redeploy" button at the module admin page.
The configuration of the private IPs is retained. If manual changes have been made to the proxy (which should not be the case in general), they may be overwritten.

SoftwareUpdated to latest nginx release
ImprovementMainboards like the C9X299-PGF handle the .jar files differently. The .jar file downloader is now extended to support such mainboards
BugfixUnder some circumstances, the renewal of Lets Encrypt certificates failed. This has been fixed

New documentation pages:


Released: 04.06.2019


No template changes

FeatureAdded hook "hook_before_create"
FeatureAdded option to reuse the same IP on re-creating a VPS. This option is not enabled by default and must be enabled manually.
ImprovementServeral general quality improvements in the code. Among other things, MySQL queries are now better cached


Released: 29.04.2019

InfoNo template changes
ImprovementImprove connection handling to the NOC-PS API. This results in a quicker page load time if NOC-PS is hosted in an other datacenter with a higher latency
ImprovementThe modules autofix functions to ensure the consistency between NOC-PS, WHMCS and the configurable options has been improved. Depending on the system, this can lead to a better overall performance

In some cases, the IPMI virtual media tool did not worked if KVM was opened over the KVM proxy



Released: 28.12.2018

InfoNo template changes
ImprovementIf servers with the installation profile "None" are deployed, WHMCS generates a random username and password in the product by default. This is now emptied
ImprovementBetter caching on the module admin page and other optimizations, which lead to faster loading times of the module admin page
BugfixIf the option "Show Port & Switch IP at admin product page" is activated and several devices are added to the server, it was possible that a port of another device was displayed instead of a switch port (eg the PDU port)


Released: 16.11.2018

InfoNo template changes; Language file has been extended by the key $_LANG['dedic_bandwidthlimit_suspendreason']
FeatureAdded option to display switch informations at admin product view (more informations)
FeatureAdded overrides for operating system logos (more informations)
FeatureAdded support for custom page templates (more informations)

Added option to automatically take actions when server reaches bandwidth limit (more informations)

FeatureAdded option to automatically start a NOC-PS profile upon server termination (e.g. wipe disks) (more informations)
FeatureAdded support for choosing VPS location via configurable options (more informations)
FeatureAdded hook BandwidthOverusage (more informations)


Released: 23.09.2018

InfoNo template changes
RequirementFrom now on ionCube 10 is required.
ImprovementImprove stability on high latency NOC-PS installations
ImprovementEnsure AJAX requests does not lock PHP sessions
ImprovementAdded new timeouts for power functions to prevent usage problems if NOC-PS or the server has problems / does not responde

If a "display value" (for example, "Operating Systems | Choose OS") was used in the configurable option name, it was not possible to assign values on the "Server Management" page for configuring the automatic deployment of dedicated servers

Version 2.0.9

Released: 07.08.2018

InfoThis release contains no significant changes. It is primarily intended to be compatible with WHMCS v7.6.
FeatureAdd compatibility for WHMCS v7.6 (adjusted fa icons)
FeatureSetting page: Added option "Interval for power status refresh at admin product page"
ImprovementStability improvements at the IPMI proxy server SSH connection

Version 2.0.8

Released: 12.06.2018

FeatureIPMI / KVM Proxy for private IPs. More Informations.
FeatureAdmin clientproduct view: Show a link to IPMI
FeatureSetting page: Added option "Update Server Password on Reinstallation"
FeatureSetting page: Added option "Show Bandwidth Usage in GB instead of MB"
FeatureSetting page: Add setting "None" to "Default Operating System" option
FeatureIf OS selection is available during ordering, you can now add the option "None" for no automated OS installation. Makes sense when clients want to install the OS over KVM.
FeatureACL Group Permissions: Added "Show IPMI Link"
BugfixIf the OS installation was started manually over NOC-PS, the installation process in the clientarea might was empty.

Added: hook_after_open_ipmi

Version 2.0.7

Released: 18.04.2018

InfoNo template changes
FeatureAdded PHP 7.1 / PHP 7.2 compatibility
FeatureSetting page: Added option to not log the execution of hooks
FeatureIP Manager: Global IP search. With this search function all ip blocks can be searched at once.

If NOC-PS server is not added correctly, show a better description of the issue at the module admin page


Clientarea: Outbound live traffic value was sometimes not accurate

BugfixWHMCS Server Page: If the NOC PS address is not defined, the "Test Connection" function returns falsely success. Fixed

Version 2.0.6

Released: 24.02.2018

FeatureVPS: The default ACL group can now be overriden by the WHMCS product configuration. Read more

Module Settings: Subnets can now be blacklisted from the IP Manager. This can be used to hide private subnets.


IP Manager: The default amount of displayed IPs can now be changed via dropdown.

FeatureIP Manager: Added mass reserve / unreserve via checkbox
FeatureIPv6 support. Read more
BugfixAdmin Clientproduct page: Under certain circumstances the pre-selected ACL dropdown value was incorrect. Concerned only vps products.
BugfixIf "Keep NOC-PS Hostname" setting is enabled, ensure that the hostname does not get modified by auto provisioning.

Version 2.0.5

Released: 16.02.2018

FeatureAdmin Clientproduct page: Refresh power status without site reload using AJAX
FeatureAdmin Clientproduct page: Show NOC-PS server description
FeatureAdmin Clientproduct page: Edit NOC-PS server description
FeatureAdded ISO Manager which allows servers to be booted from an ISO file. Read more
FeatureClients can boot from ISO and access server via VNC. Works for VPS and dedicated servers
FeatureModule settings: Blacklist additional operating systems for virtual servers (e.g. oVirt, VMware)

Added: hook_after_isoboot

HookAdded: hook_pre_open_clientarea
ImprovementBetter error handling if the NOC-PS backend is unreachable

Version 2.0.4

Released: 06.02.2018

InfoThis release contains many changes. Only relevant features and improvements are listed
FeatureNew Clientarea template is available. At the module configuration you can switch between the old and new template
FeatureACL Groups can now be also setted directly at the admin client product page
FeatureFull VPS support 
FeatureVPS Autoprovisioning 
FeatureIP Manager to manage IP assignments
ImprovementShow message on the module admin page if a new version is available
ImprovementAt admin client product page all network port graphs are shown now. Before, only the first port was shown 
ImprovementReinstallation and recovery boot is now seperated. Admin can select a list of chooseable recovery OS at module configuration
ImprovementAt reinstallation menu the client can use the NOC-PS installation addons. Access to this feature can be limited using the ACL Group Manager

Version 2.0.3 

Released: 04.12.2017

InfoNo template changes
ImprovementExtend the check of available sensors via IPMI and ensure that sensor graphs are visible in client area if sensors exists
Bugfix'Traffic graph "Current Month" to billing cycle graph' option sometimes didn't showed a monthly traffic graph if the next due date was modified. Additional checks has been added to ensure the graph generation 

Version 2.0.2

Released: 06.11.2017

InfoNo template changes
ImprovementImprove handling of the BMC Reset feature. Show button at admin & client area only if IPMI is available
FeatureAdded a setting on the setting page to not show hidden products at the "Server Management" tab
FeatureAdded a setting to allow automated update of the WHMCS hostname field if operating system gets installed with a different hostname
BugfixBandwidth limit has not been applied if the bandwidth limit has been choosed by an configurable option group using a display value (e.g. "20 TB|20 Terabyte" instead of "20 TB") 

Version 2.0.1

Released: 17.10.2017

BugfixIf WHMCS admin username 'admin' does not exist, noc-ps module admin page fails to load 

Version 2.0.0

Released: 13.10.2017

InfoThis release contains many changes. Only relevant features and improvements are listed
FeatureAdd BMC Reset at Client area and Admin area 
FeatureBandwidth Accounting and Bandwidth Billing 
FeatureAutomated Server Provisioning 
FeatureAdded Hook System to execute own code on events 
FeatureAutomated Server start / stop on suspend, unsuspend, terminate 
FeatureACL Groups to manage permissions 
FeatureSetting Page to control the behavior of the software 
FeatureModule Activity Log to keep track of actions 
FeatureFunctions to manipulate available operating systems per service 
FeatureAdded Language Override Files 
BugfixClient area: don't show 'Cancel Installation' button if the installation is already completed 
ImprovementAdmin area: don't show empty traffic graphs. Instead show a message 
ImprovementAdded file to add valid strings for online / offline detection (like 'chassis power offline', 'offline'). Useful for PDUs, because PDUs returns often other strings than just 'Online' 

Version 1.0.3

Released: 01.08.2017

InfoNo template changes
FeatureAdd 'Test Connection' Button at WHMCS Server Configuration Page
ImprovementImprove handling of KVM Console Links at WHMCS Admin Area

Reduce page load time at Admin Area

Version 1.0.2

Released: 29.07.2017

InfoNo template changes
ImprovementReduce page load time at client area
BugfixIrritating error message at WHMCS admin backend was shown if the server was not found at NOC-PS

Version 1.0.1

Released: 21.07.2017

BugfixShutdown Button at admin didn't work under some circumstances
BugfixDon't show invalid sensor values received by IPMI

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